If you have visited your Acura dealer and verified that you have a winning game piece,
you can claim your prize as follows:

  1. Hand print the following on a 3” x 5” sheet of paper:

    First and Last Name
    Complete Address (no P.O. Boxes)
    Area Code and Phone Number
    Date of Birth
  2. Mail the above information, along with the entire original winning game piece,
    via certified mail (return receipt requested) to:

    Acura RLX Game Winner Claims
    c/o Promotion Management Corp.
    300 Saddleback Knoll
    Nellysford, VA 22958

All claims must be received by May 24, 2013, or will be considered void.

Make and retain photocopies of the potentially winning game piece prior to mailing
(proof of mailing does not constitute proof of receipt).

Mechanical reproductions are void.